7 Marketing Questions You Need To Answer

The Small Business Marketing Report

Episode 65 of The Small Business Marketing Report Podcast

This episode was inspired by a recent blog post by Seth Godin, “Every marketing challenge revolves around these questions”.

Seth is a prolific blogger, has written many books and is a sought after at talking events for his insights and observations. He publishes a blog post daily, some as short as a sentence or two, but nevertheless powerful and thought provoking.

A lot of the time Seth takes the everyday, simplifies it and just makes you think. Which is exactly what happened in this case.

He raises 7 questions about marketing, most of which are obvious. Still many of which remain unanswered in most companies.

Too often we start a business, launch a product or create a new service without asking some fundamental questions. These questions can make a big difference to your success or failure. If taken seriously they may also make you consider whether you are doing the right thing in the first place.

We dissect Seth’s post and hopefully you should get some value from our discussion.

Find out more about Seth Godin here he also has an online course for Freelancers wishing to build a better business.

Thanks Seth for your inspiration over the years.

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A CRM System: The Most Important Tool Your Business Can Implement

The Small Business Marketing Report

Episode 63 of The Small Business Marketing Report Podcast

In this episode of the Small Business Marketing Report we discuss Customer Relationship Management systems.

Often talked about, misunderstood and rarely implemented. The most important tool a business can put in place is a Contact Management System or CRM.

Before you put a CRM system in place you should understand how you want to use it. Also, what you want to get back from the CRM.

Many companies install complex solutions, at a cost, that is beyond their business requirements.

When implemented well a CRM can provide valuable insights. With rich sales and customer service data your business can act upon. They can also deliver fantastic returns on investment. That helps your business grow and expand as you understand more about your customers.

For online companies a CRM system provides even further data about your customers.

Listen in to the show as we discuss CRM systems in more detail. Please leave any comments below.

In the next episode we’ll discuss the various CRM systems currently available, their differences and the ones we use and why.

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