The Psychology of Attention with Donnie Bryant

Words have power

Episode 81 of The Small Business Marketing Report Podcast

In a world of noise, how do you break through and get YOUR message across?

Well, it starts with attention – and in this episode Robert gets the lowdown from pro direct response copywriter Donnie Bryant on 5 proven ways to grab attention, by using powerful psychological forces. Including:

  • How to use hidden dangers and unexpected consequences to draw people to your message like moths to a flame
  • Why certain kinds of statistics get shared on social media
  • Why picking a fight is often great for business (and how to benefit even if you don’t do the fight picking)
  • How to use personality – and how much personality is too much?
  • How to use secrets and codes for almost guaranteed attention

Listen in to find out more as Donnie Bryant talks about 5 Foolproof Ways To Grab ‘Em By The Eyeballs.

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