5 Reasons Blog Comments Don’t Work For You

5 Reasons Blog Comments Don’t Work For You

Episode 86 of The Small Business Marketing Report Podcast – Why Blog Comments Don’t Work For You

In this week’s podcast Sean and Rob (formerly Robert) are back around the mic. The subject of conversation is Blog Comments.

We are all told the line about the importance of engagement. For some getting engagement on your own blog through the comments can be elusive.

Most blogging platforms have a comment facility and there are third party systems that include additional features. They are so easy to include as part of your site

Yet Copyblogger turned off their comments some time ago. Seth Godin, one of the most prolific bloggers posting every day for many years has never had comments on his site.

If these 2 sources of some of the greatest thought leadership in their space don’t allow comments on their posts, should you?

Find out what we think by listening to the show where we go through these potential reasons why blog comments don’t work for you:

  1. Has the ‘Conversation’ moved to Social Media
  2. Spam comments blocking the system
  3. Time commitment required to manage comments
  4. Negative social proof, if you have no comments!
  5. Do we even want people to comment at all?

In addition a big thank you to regular listener Geoff Ashton with his suggestion of an excellent free filter for spam sessions in Google Analytics.

If you’re Google Analytics are plagued by sessions from spam bots from referrals from sites such as “Floating Share Buttons” and “Get Free Traffic Now” try this excellent Analytics Spam Filter from Loganix.

Be sure to keep listening through the show as we have a competition and an important announcement to make!

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