Moving Your Business To The Cloud with Paul Goggin

Moving Your Business To The Cloud with Paul Goggin

In this week’s podcast, we interview Paul Goggin, author of ‘Cloud First: Why Your Technology Is Killing Your Small Business And What To Do About It‘. With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, working with some of the largest global corporations, Paul now runs his own company Innovo Consulting. Innovo Consulting specialises in helping small businesses with tight budgets to save time, money and the environment, using Cloud technology.

In the podcast, Paul shares some of his industry insight on a range of Cloud-based topics, including:

    • The typical scenarios Paul finds businesses in when they are struggling with their IT infrastructure, and at what point it becomes economical to hire an IT professional to help them, as well as how a business might choose the right IT support for their needs.
    • The difference between On Premise and Cloud First IT solutions. Paul covers how Cloud First affects communication methods, and how businesses can remain in control of their apps and data, even after moving to a Cloud First solution.
    • How businesses with weaker internet connections can still benefit from a Cloud First solution.
    • How businesses can ensure the security of their Cloud-based data, covering issues such as ransomware, GDPR and 2 Factor Authentication.
    • The first steps a business should take to adopt the efficient model that Cloud First solutions offer, and how Paul encourages his clients to adopt the new processes that he suggests.

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A Marketing Guide to Selling While You Sleep with Brian Greenberg

Selling in your Sleep

On this week’s podcast, we interview Brian Greenberg, who has generated over $50 million in revenue from the businesses he has founded in e-commerce, marketing, and financial services.

With over 10,000 reviews and testimonials from customers, Brian has earned the reputation of ‘The salesman who doesn’t sell’, which explains the title of his new book, ‘The Salesman Who Doesn’t Sell. A Marketing Guide to Selling While You Sleep.’

In the podcast, Brian gives us an insight into his unique approach to marketing, covering topics such as:

  • What role social proof plays in marketing;
  • The best way to go about obtaining reviews, and why it is important for B2B to encourage them;
  • The role social media plays in marketing;
  • Why Brian is such a proponent of SEO;
  • How to keep customers coming back to your business.

If you have any of your own questions for Brian, you can contact him via Twitter @greenbergbrian

Named ‘The Salesman who doesn’t sell’, Brian has also been named one of the most creative people in financial services.

Brian runs e-commerce websites at Touchfree Concepts and Wholesale Janitorial Supply and is the founder and president of True Blue Life Insurance, whose mission is to be transparent, honest and helpful to their customers without ever bugging or pushing them.

Listeners of the Click to Convert podcast can download a free audio version of Brian’s book.

As always if you have any questions you can get in touch via Twitter @SeanClark.

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