Killing Your Conversion Killers with Joris Bryon

Killing Your Conversion Killers with Joris Bryon

In this week’s podcast, we spoke to Joris Bryon, co-founder of, the conversion optimisation specialists.

Joris and his team help e-commerce companies increase revenue through a combination of conversion optimisation and A/B testing.

Joris’ recent publication ‘Kill Your Conversion Killers with The Dexter Methodâ„¢ – A Pragmatic Approach to Conversion Optimization for E-commerce’ passes on his expertise so that you too can kill your conversion killers.

In the interview, Sean and Joris discuss a range of topics, including:

  1. How there’s more to increasing revenue for e-commerce websites than simply increasing traffic- not all traffic is equal.
  2. Why continually redesigning your website might seem like a good idea, but can often be counterproductive.
  3. The red button/green button theory and why the colour isn’t the most important factor in increasing your conversions, but the contrast and the size.
  4. A/B testing might be an essential element of conversion optimisation, but it isn’t the first or most important test, especially for low-level traffic sites.
  5. How often you might expect to find a winning combination when you’re running tests on methods to increase your conversions and how using a process, like the Dexter Method, can be a much more efficient way of testing.
  6. The potential dangers of following ‘best practises’ for e-commerce website optimisation- every site is different. This means that it’s important to find what works for your business, and that directly copying your competitors can be a bad idea.
  7. Getting people to convert can be about psychology. But before going there, there are some typical aspects of your site that should be assessed first, such as accessibility and usability.
  8. How big an impact design has on CRO, and how some elements of your homepage, such as sliders and video backgrounds can do more damage than good to conversion rates.
  9. What is micro-copy and why is it so important? Expedia saw a $12 million profit increase due to one micro change.
  10. An overview of the Dexter Method for CRO and its key steps: collect your data, execute the changes based on this data, test these changes, evaluate the changes, repeat. Joris explains the value of each step in this method.

Want to find out more? Buy your copy of ‘Kill Your Conversion Killers with The Dexter Methodâ„¢ – A Pragmatic Approach to Conversion Optimization for E-commerce’

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Developing A LinkedIn Lead Generation System with Christine Nicholson

LinkedinIn this week’s Click and Convert podcast, Sean interviews Christine Nicholson, an author, speaker and consultant who helps businesses change their outcomes, in turn changing the lives of business owners and their families’ lives. In her role as The Profit Fixer, Christine has 25 years’ experience working with small and medium business owners to change how they think about success, teaching them to work smarter instead of harder to achieve their goals and increase their profits.

Christine kindly shared her expertise on how businesses can make the most out of LinkedIn and distinguish their business profile in just an hour each week, without spending a penny on premium features. Her advice touches on:

  • The importance of client engagement and connecting with the correct people on LinkedIn to ensure that your connections are mutually beneficial.
  • Why you need to understand your company and what you have to offer, researching competitors and pinpointing your USP before you create your profile.
  • The difference between your service and its value, but how both are intrinsically linked.
  • The value of posting and sharing high value content to show your connections and potential clients that you’re a good source of information. They’ll remember what they learned and link it back to you.
  • It’s not just your connections that are important, but the people they’re connected with, too.
  • Why automated messages simply won’t work, and how you’ll need to build your messaging machine before you get started.
  • The importance of consistency to establish your voice as trustworthy and respectful. People don’t want to be manipulated, and mixed messages can give the impression that you’re being dishonest.

If you’re looking for more of Christine’s expertise, be sure to check out her 2017 publication, 5-Minute Finance for advice on understanding numbers in business. Keep an eye out for her new book, What’s Your Profit Scoretm, due to be released in September 2018, that can help you understand how to get more out of your business.

Think you might benefit from Christine’s services? Head to to complete the short questionnaire for a business diagnosis and tips on how to help your business.

Contact Christine:

LinkedIn – /cnicholson66 – be sure to reference Click and Convert in your request to connect!

Email –

Facebook – /christinefixer

Twitter- @christinefixer