How To Promote Content on Facebook to Generate a 22-1 ROI

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This week, Sean interviews Daniel Daines-Hutt, Co-founder of AmpMyContent. Both Daniel and his business partner, Freyja Spaven, are internationally recognized experts in Content Creation, Strategy and Sales Systems. Having originally started a clothing company to gain the right to remain living in New Zealand, AmyMyContent were stocked in five stores and selling thousands of items both in store and online within five weeks. This business development forced Daniel and Freyja to focus on the use of both content marketing and promotion for traffic and retargeting for more sales, which is how he has become such an expert.

Daniel now works behind-the-scenes at AmyMyContent to create the paid traffic systems and automations, as well as writing about paid traffic and the promotion of paid content. While Daniel also talks about the sister site to their main venture, InboundAscension, it’s at AmpMyContent that he shares the lessons he learned along the way.

One of Daniel’s most recent achievements is that his guide to paid content promotion featured as article of the week on GrowthHackers. It’s this (30,000 word!) article, advising how to generate a 22:1 ROI promoting blog posts, to a cold audience using Facebook ads, that Sean and Daniel discuss in this week’s show. Sean and Daniel cover a range of topics, including:

  • Why more people should promote the content that they work so hard to create, and why it’s not necessarily as simple as hitting the ‘boost’ button on Facebook
  • A run through of the four main parts to Daniel’s process and how each is integral to the overall process
  • Why businesses must have a strategy and understand the goal of each piece of content
  • The importance of knowing business numbers to be able to develop a successful strategy
  • How understanding your audience inside and out is also paramount
  • How to create the best ad copy for your audience to achieve the highest number of clicks and conversions
  • Why it’s important to invest time and money into your business ads on Facebook, and how you don’t need to have a huge budget to do this
  • When design comes into play with ads, and why it shouldn’t be the first thing you think about
  • Which tools and processes are best to track ads and report on them
  • The vital role of testing when it comes to Facebook ads

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‘Manifesto’ about promoting posts

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