Leveraging LinkedIn Ads to Generate Leads & Sales with AJ Wilcox

Leveraging Linkedin Ads

On this week’s show is AJ Wilcox, long-time digital marketer who fell in love with the LinkedIn Ads platform in 2011. In 2014, AJ founded B2Linked.com, a company that specialises in LinkedIn Ads account management, training and consulting. Since 2014, he has managed hundreds of accounts on the network, reaching a combined total of $110 million in ad spend, and has worked directly with several among LinkedIn’s top 10 accounts.

AJ’s faith has had a huge impact on his entrepreneurial journey. He was offered multiple job opportunities after he was fired from his last job, and prayed to God to understand what he should do. The answer was to turn them all down and start his own business- and AJ has never looked back since!

Sean and AJ discuss a number of different topics, including:

  • Who should consider advertising on LinkedIn and how you can determine whether it might be right for your business
  • The value in advertising via social media platforms versus Google ads.
  • How advertising on LinkedIn differs from on platforms such as Facebook and Google, and what you need to consider
  • The impact mobile LinkedIn users will have on your advertising strategy
  • The role organic engagement plays alongside ad activity
  • How sales navigator can be highly beneficial to pushing your LinkedIn ads
  • How enlisting the help of an agency can help you see results from the LinkedIn ads platform faster
  • AJ’s thoughts on how easy it is to use the LinkedIn ads management interface following a recent update
  • The impact of video ads on engagement rates
  • Which sorts of ads businesses should use when they first start out on the platform
  • The performance of lead ads versus ads that drive people to sign up on a website
  • How adding a personal touch to your targeted ads can make a huge difference to conversion rates, and how this is possible on a large scale
  • How you should deal with social media leads in the sale process

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