Grow Your Brand, Increase Sales & Build Your Business with Video Marketing

Grow Your Brand, Increase Sales & Build Your Business with Video Marketing

On this week’s Click and Convert podcast, Sean speaks to Rick Cesari ahead of the release of his new book Video Persuasion. Rick has helped major brands, from GoPro to George Foreman build billion-dollar brands through brand response advertising and strategic video marketing. His new book puts the proven marketing techniques of big brands into the hands of small business owners, entrepreneurs, inventors and Amazon sellers, to name just a few examples.

This week, Rick brings his expertise as bestselling author, speaker, consultant and marketing & brand strategy guru. He shares his advice on video marketing best practices for influencing customers and building a brand.

Sean and Rick cover a range of topics, including:

  • The role that video now plays in impacting a buyer’s decision-making process
  • How technology has made it easier to produce high-quality video marketing content in-house
  • Lighting and audio quality as the two most important elements of successful video content- you don’t need expensive equipment, you can even use your smartphone
  • The three main types of video that buyers respond to: tutorial, demonstration, customer testimonial – Rick has tutorials for creating this on his website
  • How important testimonials can be to the success of your business, as well as how to ask for testimonials
  • Creating compelling, interesting content for services that aren’t tangible, avoiding a standard talking-head video
  • How vital the pre-production stage of video creation is
  • Three simple ways to hook people into your video
  • How to choose a third-party for video production and ensure that their skill set fits your needs
  • The difference between video content for direct response and video content for brand building

Want to find out more?

Video Persuasion is available on Amazon from October 15th. However, you can get a copy of his report, The Top 3 Most Effective Types of Video Content, in the meantime. Rick will send notifications about the book’s release to those who sign up.

Keep an eye out for the book on Rick’s website- making a purchase via this page will enter you into a competition in which you could visit the set of Rick’s upcoming George Foreman commercial.

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