How to Sell Your Business With Chris Shipferling

On today’s show, Sean speaks with Chris Shipferling, Managing Partner at Global Wired Advisors, where he is the first point of contact for clients looking to sell their online business. For the past seven years, Chris has focused exclusively on high-level consulting for multi-million-dollar omnichannel, digitally native and Amazon-based private label and reseller brands. Chris and his partners use their 70+ years of combined investment banking experience to provide a superior level of service that was previously unavailable in the lower middle market.

But it’s not just expertise and experience to offer comprehensive financial advice. Each member of the Global Wired team has also owned, operated and sold multiple digitally native and Amazon-based businesses, meaning they are uniquely qualified to guide client companies through each step of the complex sale process.

Chris enjoys working closely with entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout the transaction process. Getting to know clients on an individual level means that Global Wired Advisors can better assist them in realising their goals to achieve the best possible sale outcome.

Sean and Christ cover a number of topics, including:

  • What Chris did before Global Wired Advisors and how he got involved in this sector
  • The types of business that Global Wired Advisors works with
  • How long a business would typically be trading, and which factors they should consider before selling
  • How it can be difficult for service-based business to sell, given the heavy reliance on the founder
  • The general process for determining the value of a business, though this will vary between businesses
  • How building a business with the intention of selling can actually be beneficial
  • How business owners know it might be time to consider selling
  • The types of potential buyers for these businesses
  • How people know they can trust an agency to help sell their business

You can find out more about what Chris and his team do by visiting the Global Wired Advisors website, where you will find white papers and blog posts that explain their services. You can also input your business data into their valuation tool to get an estimate of your business value.

If you’d like more customised data about how Global Wired Advisors might help you, you can also schedule a free consultation with Chris.

Or contact Chris on Facebook.

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