4 Key Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

The Small Business Marketing Report

Episode 70 of The Small Business Marketing Report Podcast

There are many views on the best ways to drive traffic to your website. When we get into the detail there are those that prefer Inbound Marketing methods. Others have a preference for more a more direct marketing approach such as Google Adwords or email marketing.

You should try them all, as without testing, you’ll never know which is likely to drive the best quality traffic to your site. Before you get started though there are 4 key types of traffic generation that these methods fall into. Which you choose to use may rely on your budget, resource or marketing knowledge.

In this weeks episode we discuss the 4 key ways to drive traffic to your website.¬†We cover what’s involved in each and give you a starting point from which to try methods best suited to your business.

Enjoy the show and please leave any comments below.

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