9 Inspirational Podcasts To Educate & Expand Your Knowledge

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Episode 57 of The Small Business Marketing Report Podcast

On the show this week we discuss some of the podcast shows we listen to and why they are our favourite picks. They are also listed below should you wish to subscribe to them.

The term Podcast was first used in 2004 and is associated with the iPod and broadcasting, and describes a particular type of audio delivered by a feed, a variation of RSS. Although podcasts are commonly associated with iTunes there are many other distribution sources.

Many podcasts take their lead from talk radio, and the subject matter available covers a wide variety of sectors from entertainment, sport, music, business and many niches in between.

Podcasts can be a great way to promote your business or raise your own profile, either by creating your own show or getting interviewed on a show like ours. Aside from a few technical considerations podcasts can be cheap to produce and an effective marketing medium. Also, once someone is subscribed to your podcast, new episodes will update on their device automatically.

Although traditionally audio, many of the more popular shows produce a video format too. There are even podcast networks, similar to the TV networks, that help to promote and support the associated shows bringing in advertising revenue.

We listen to podcasts quite a bit as it gives us access to information that you can’t normally get in mainstream media. It is also a very effective use of commuting time.

Sean’s Podcast Picks

Robert’s Podcast Picks

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