A CRM System: The Most Important Tool Your Business Can Implement

The Small Business Marketing Report

Episode 63 of The Small Business Marketing Report Podcast

In this episode of the Small Business Marketing Report we discuss Customer Relationship Management systems.

Often talked about, misunderstood and rarely implemented. The most important tool a business can put in place is a Contact Management System or CRM.

Before you put a CRM system in place you should understand how you want to use it. Also, what you want to get back from the CRM.

Many companies install complex solutions, at a cost, that is beyond their business requirements.

When implemented well a CRM can provide valuable insights. With rich sales and customer service data your business can act upon. They can also deliver fantastic returns on investment. That helps your business grow and expand as you understand more about your customers.

For online companies a CRM system provides even further data about your customers.

Listen in to the show as we discuss CRM systems in more detail. Please leave any comments below.

In the next episode we’ll discuss the various CRM systems currently available, their differences and the ones we use and why.

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4 thoughts on “A CRM System: The Most Important Tool Your Business Can Implement”

  1. Great podcast, I was really
    looking forward to the follow up about which CRM tools you used, but the
    feed seems to jump from episode 63 to 65! What happened to 64? 🙁

    1. Gary apologies but we had a technical issue with 64. Trying to recover the audio, otherwise we will re-record. I thought it best to keep the numbering as we mention the show number at the beginning of each episode.

      Normal service will resume shortly…

      1. Hi Sean, great thanks. I started listening to episode 65 today and I seen that you mention his at the beginning.

        I’m in the process of picking a CRM and I’m really keen to know which one you use?

        Great podcast, I’ve only just discovered it! So lots of shows to listen too.

        Best Regards,

        1. Gary,

          We tried and tested a number of platforms before making our choice.

          We finally settled on Zoho CRM. It may not look fancy, no wizzy drag & drop interfaces, but it has a lot features that you can grow in to.

          There is a free version with a range of functionality that may be enough for some businesses. It’s then a pay per user per month model, cost dependant on the features you need. There are a ton of them.

          In addition it can integrate with other applications like Outlook. You can embed forms on your website that feed straight into the system. And there is also a free mobile app for iOS & Android.

          Zoho also provide other software and we use their accounts package now as well. So a lead can come in to the CRM and when it turns in to a client the information synchronises with Zoho Books and no re-entry of data required.

          The reports it has are well beyond our requirements, but the most useful for us is the Pipeline Report so we can see at what stage any of our leads/prospects or proposals are at. We can analyse what we won or lost and its source.

          Hope you find this useful and enjoy the shows.


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