How To Build An Audience On Social Media with Damian Keyes

On the podcast this week I talk with musician, entrepreneur and social media strategist Damian Keyes.

Damian founded The British Institute of Modern Music (BIMM) at age 18, which is now valued at over £50M. He then went on to build and invest in several other businesses including DK Music ManagementDK Music Academy & Warble Entertainment. Damian continues his music career and has played at London’s Hyde Park to 150,000 people alongside Eric Clapton, Alanis Morissette, The Who, & Bob Dylan.

There are many synergies when it comes to building a band and building a great social media presence. Damian provides a unique perspective from the music industry that many in the business world can learn from.

Join me as I discuss building your audience on social media with Damian.

Listen in and as always if you have any questions you can get in touch via Twitter @SeanClark.

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