Helping You Redefine How You Hire for Your Remote Team with Nathan Hirsch

Helping You Redefine How You Hire for Your Remote Team

On this week’s show, Sean interviews Nathan Hirsch, expert in remote hiring and eCommerce. Nate has been selling online since 2010, selling over $25 million worth of product through his eCommerce business.

He is now the founder of, the hands-on hiring marketplace. connects online business owners with pre-vetted remote workers, redefining how businesses are able to hire remote freelancers online.

You can find Nathan on leading podcasts, such as Entrepreneur on Fire, Eventual Millionaire, and now this one!

Sean and Nathan discuss a range of topics, covering:

  1. How and when Nathan first came up with the idea of remote workers
  2. The major advantages to hiring remote workers, notably flexibility and choice
  3. The potential disadvantages that stop every business owner from working with remote workers. Factors to be considered before hiring a remote worker and how communication is key
  4. How to manage remote workers on scale and how online tools can be useful
  5. Creating and maintaining a sense of team spirit and motivation among a team of remote workers
  6. Getting around the potential obstacle of different time zones
  7. How FreeeUp, Nathan’s remote hiring solution, solves problems associated with hiring remote workers
  8. Why, despite the common misconception, hiring remote workers isn’t necessarily just a cost-saving way to hiring low-value offshore workers
  9. How and why hiring remote workers is actually beneficial to the workers you’re hiring
  10. Why Nathan thinks that, despite multiple other benefits (including time-saving, environmental benefits and saved travel costs), larger corporations have been slow to take advantage of hiring remote workers.
  11. What listeners should consider to maximise their chances of success before they give remote workers a try

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