Nerds Do It Better With Adam Lundquist

Adam Lundquist

On this week’s episode, Sean speaks to Adam Lundquist. Harvard-educated, this former radio shock jock became is responsible for one of the first viral YouTube videos, when he uploaded one of his interviews in the platform’s early days. This viral video sparked Adam’s interest in the power of the internet and internet marketing. Now an agency owner, Adam has featured in a range of traditional media, such as VH1, MTV, and The Best Damn Sports Show. However, he’s also translated his knowledge into new media, featuring as a published author in Search Engine Journal, PPC Hero and Wordstream, to name just a few.

Adam’s digital marketing agency, Nerds Do it Better delivers paid search campaigns, making use of advanced statistical analysis from Harvard. This allows Adam and his team to remove inefficiencies and generate a consistent flow of customers in a cost-effective way.

Sean and Adam discuss a number of topics, including:

  • Adam’s journey from radio shock jock to YouTube
  • How Adam became interested in statistical analysis and the essence of the advanced statistical analysis that Adam looked at during his Harvard studies. Adam also explains the decision behind the launch of Nerds Do it Better
  • How to give potential customers the confidence that you can help them, and the importance of picking up the phone
  • How Adam advises measuring the spectrum of the whole marketing campaign
  • Human-generated vs automated ads – the benefits of each and how each has its place
  • The importance of ad copy, and tips for writing it
  • Tips on generating calls from ads, rather than just a click and how these other leads can be more difficult to track and test individually
  • The perks of PPC advertising over SEO

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Resources Adam mentioned:

The E-Myth – Michael Gerber

Moneyball – Michael Lewis

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