Remarketing: The Art of Following Your Audience Around the Web

We have all experienced it, that feeling of déjà vu. You visit a website, look at a product or service, and then everywhere you go online you see an ad for it.

This advertising trick, known as remarketing, is a great way to keep your product or brand front of mind whilst potential customers are still in the “consideration” phase of a purchase cycle.

It is one of my favourite marketing tactics due to its low cost, ease of implementation and effectiveness.

After driving visitors to your website, based on their actions or non-actions, you can continue to show them ads as they traverse the web. One of the great things is that it doesn’t matter where they go, you can show remarketing ads on Facebook, Twitter and thousands of websites that are on the Google Display Network.

It also works whether you sell B2B or B2C because is based on the visitor, not the platform they are on.

To find out more about remarketing and how you can use it as part of your advertising strategy listen in to this special 100th episode of the Click and Convert podcast.

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