Rob’s 5 Best Ever Email Subject Lines

Rob has done some research into email subject lines and in this week’s show he reveals the results.

Once you’ve got your email into someone’s inbox the next thing you need to do is to get them to open it. A powerful and relevant subject line is the key to higher open rates.

You don’t want to trick them into opening it, otherwise they won’t respond to the content of the email and are unlikely to open others from you at a later date. You do want to pique their interest, and get them curious about what is inside.

The research comes from 5 years work on his email list and approximately 1500 emails. From this he produced his top 100 best performing email subject lines.

Rob takes us through his top 5 performing email subject lines in the podcast.

You can get access to the complete 100 top performing email subject lines here.

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