Social Advertising with Traci Reuter

On this week’s show, Sean speaks to Traci Reuter, founder and CEO of Divine Social. Traci has a gift for looking at any business’ vision, mission and message and mapping out the right strategy for them. She’s passionate about helping businesses grow using authentic and meaningful social advertising. With 25 years of experience, it’s safe to say that Traci knows her stuff when it comes to high-level marketing strategy. She shares her expertise as co-host of Social Media Marketing Happy Hour podcast, and as a contributing author in the bestselling The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising (3rd edition).

Today, Traci shares her expertise as a guest on this podcast, offering up some of her greatest secrets behind mapping out a powerful social advertising strategy. She and Sean discuss a number of topics, including:

  • How Divine Social came about
  • The key foundations for any business when starting a new campaign and how research is the most important step of any campaign
  • The suitability of different platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram, for different clients. Traci also gives us an insight into which she prefers
  • Traci’s current approach to audience creation and how much she targets
  • Divine Social’s preferred creative approach for effective ads, but how they adapt for clients
  • How Divine Social approaches testing
  • The most common mistakes in social advertising campaigns
  • Tips on estimating and setting budgets
  • How to keep up with ever-changing platforms and ensure that strategy fits with their abilities

Want to find out more?

Divine Social has a landing page especially for Click and Convert listeners, packed with resources to support with the topics discussed in this episode.

Or contact Traci on Facebook & Twitter.

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