What Stops Business People Achieving More with Robert Kelsey [PODCAST]

The Small Business Marketing Report
The Small Business Marketing Report

This is Episode 30 of The Small Business Marketing Report Podcast

At some level or another we all procrastinate, and achieving maximum efficiency from our working hours is a nirvana we seldom reach. If you’d like to understand a bit more about what’s holding you back from achieving your business goals then this weeks podcast may be for you.

We interview successful author and Entrepreneur Robert Kelsey, who has just released his latest book, Get Things Done. This isn’t your typical time management fayre, instead it looks at the reasons why we procrastinate and presents possible solutions to help improve our time efficiency.

Do listen in as we ask Robert exactly what drove him to write such a book and what he thinks we should all be  doing differently if we want to Get Things Done.

Robert’s previous books include:

Robert’s business:

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