The Power of Conversational Copywriting

The power of conversational copywriting

On this week’s Click and Convert podcast, we speak with Nick Usborne copywriting and web writing expert.

Nick has written for some of the world’s best-known brands Citibank, Apple,
Chrysler, and New York Times to name just a few, having won 15 rewards for direct response copywriting in his time.

But it’s not just his own writing that is so impressive; Nick is also known for the training courses he gives to other copywriters and businesses looking to improve the quality of content on their websites.

Nick attributes his success to ‘conversational copywriting’, on which he shares his experience and expertise in today’s interview.

Sean and Nick discuss a range of different topics, including:

  • What exactly is conversational copywriting, and what makes it different to standard copywriting
  • The main elements of conversational copywriting and why it works so well
  • How businesses can use conversational copywriting to drive sales, for both long and short form ads, including Google Ads and Facebook Ads- you just need to encourage your audience to click
  • How anyone can employ these techniques, regardless of their existing copywriting skills and resources and how you can go about developing a conversational voice in your copy
  • Examples of companies that have successfully used conversational copywriting and conversation in their advertising. It applies to more businesses than you might expect.
  • The next step for someone looking to understand more about conversational copywriting and how they can use in their own writing.

Looking for more information on conversational copywriting? Visit Nick’s website or take advantage of his free course on conversational copywriting for listeners of the Click and Convert podcast.

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Nick’s examples of conversational copywriting done well:

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