Our Top 10 Business Books For Inspiration And Ideas [PODCAST]

The Small Business Marketing Report
The Small Business Marketing Report

This is Episode 19 of The Small Business Marketing Report a bi-weekly audio podcast co-hosted by myself, Sean, and Robert Tyson of the Tyson Report. In each episode we look at the challenges facing small business and startups in the world of online marketing and social media.

When you run you’re own business finding time to expand your knowledge and generate new ideas can be difficult. Attending seminars and conferences costs money and takes you out of the business. But learning from the mistakes and successes of others can be vital to the growth of your company, and prevent it from coming an also ran.

Therefore. business books can be a very efficient way to develop new ideas, keep up with current trends and hone your skills. Which ones to choose?

With the rise of the ebook, publishing has never been easier. Although writing a book in the first place is no less of a challenge, it has lead to a wide range of business books available to us.

Sean and Robert admit they are veracious readers and in this episode they pick 5 each of their favourite business books, that have either inspired, educated or enlightened them over the years.

Sean’s top picks:

Robert’s top picks:

If you have any to please list them in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Sean, listened to the podcast the other day and was useful. I think you mention at some point that you’d publish the suggested books on your blog. Can’t see them anywhere. Am I missing something or are they not up quite yet? Cheers

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