Is Twitter Marketing Dead?

On this week’s podcast we are discussing our old friend Twitter.

There’s been a lot of talk in the tech press recently about Twitter being up for sale. With rumours that Google, Salesforce and even Disney may be interested in buying it.

Unfortunately for Twitter, it doesn’t look like they have any takers anytime soon.

The ailing social media platform loved by many has stalled in its growth. With a mere 313 million active monthly users, it is far behind Facebook’s 1.7 billion active monthly users.

It has other issues too, it’s inability to generate a profit for a start. Although it did generate a total revenue of close to $602 million in the 2nd quarter of 2016 this is outweighed by its running costs, creating a net loss of $107 million. This is due to the way Twitter has grown, leaving it with some costly overheads as it has matured.

The other issue is that the user base is hard to define with many people holding multiple accounts, the prolific use of automated bots and the incessant trolls that prowl Twitter looking for their next victim.

So after painting such a black picture is there any life left in Twitter for businesses?

Rob and I think so, to find out what our view is on Twitter for business listen in to the show.

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