Using Fractional CMO to Help You Define, Set and Achieve Business Goals


Joshua Ramsey, fractional CMO and digital marketing executive. He owns a digital marketing agency and works with companies to assist them in mapping out a more robust marketing strategy to dominate the marketplace. With nearly thirty years of digital marketing experience, Josh is also a Google Partner.

On top of this, Josh hosts his own radio show and, when he’s not doing that, he’s travelling around the country to teach his marketing strategies and methods that have proven so successful over the years. As if that wasn’t enough, Josh has also masterminded, coded and has marketing and sales programs. Over the past ten years he’s built a CRM, programs for Operations Management and Website Auditing, as well as the world’s largest library of SEO descriptions.

Today, he’s here to share his expertise and talk about the release of his new book, The SEO Gimmick. Sean and Josh cover a range of topics including:

  • What fractional CMO is exactly
  • Where to start with building an effective website
  • The limitations of using simple, self-build website platforms
  • Marketing priorities for companies, and where SEO and paid advertising sit in this list of priorities
  • The importance of setting goals, and ensuring that these are realistic in line with your company. These goals apply to all areas of your business type and size.
  • Judging the value of an agency for your business and how to choose the right agency for you
  • Balancing a finite budget
  • The value of a good website
  • How valuable a CRM is in boosting conversions and how offline marketing campaigns can be as effective as their online counterparts

Josh also talks about what you can expect from his book, and how it will help businesses avoid being ripped off. The book is available to download from Joshua’s website– though listeners of the Click and Convert podcast can get a hard copy of the book if they contact him directly and mention the show.

Got a specific question for Josh? You can contact Strategic Point Marketing, or get in touch via:

Text: 972-832-2487



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